Below are relatively recent images of TIAGARRA Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place (2012), particularly interior images, that reveal little change since its opening on 16 October 1976 (40th birthday this year !). It appears now more a museum about historic museum practices than about Tasmanian Aboriginal people and culture, past to present. It is a time capsule, and longevity is not entirely a bad thing.

We are currently seeking best model examples of other operational Cultural Centres nationally and internationally, partnerships and funding assistance to move forward, with Devonport City Council’s continued support, to update the indoor/outdoor interpretation, extend the exhibits, and sustainably operate our museum as soon as possible.

We have ample evidence of public Aboriginal and non Aboriginal support for this refurbishment/redevelopment phase, expected for more than a decade, following numerous commissioned viability and interpretive and redevelopment design reports.  The education and tourism sectors, have indicated they will again embrace a re-energised TIAGARRA. We require commitment, partnerships, concepts, and in-kind and financial support to undertake what is required, not only from Devonport City Council, but statewide and national bodies.

Nearly 4 decades of continual participation in the operations and visitation of this museum by Devonport locals indicates a high level of commitment, pride and personal investment in TIAGARRA – such that it would be worse than short sighted to not to proceed finally to the updating phase required to ensure TIAGARRA’S ongoing and increasing engagement with future generations of locals and visitors alike, at this port gateway to Tasmania.