Tasmanian Aboriginal cultural centre 

Tiagarra is one of the oldest Aboriginal operated Cultural Centres and keeping places in Australia.


Tiagarra is one of the oldest Aboriginal operated Cultural centres and Keeping Places in Australia.

It is the oldest resident structure situated among the beautiful bush and coastal setting of the Mersey Bluff, Devonport, Tasmania where wallabies, and other native wildlife still roam.



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Tiagarra was officially opened on 16 October 1976.

A lot of people know Tiagarra and connect with that as a sacred place.

“We moved mapali down to the beach because while we have our registered heritage sites here, we have sacred locations all over country and the beach is just as sacred. mapali was a way of engaging with everyone, and that’s what we love to do up at Tiagarra. It has been positive to work with the schools and Aboriginal education to bring more groups through” – David Gough 2019

The Bluff holds many Aboriginal sites, including middens, tea tree living grounds, and (potential) petroglyphs across this peninsula of great natural beauty and undeniable Aboriginal cultural significance. This coastal site is rich in bird life, Indigenous plant foods and weaving materials. Two beaches provide salt water resources with the Mersey river bounding the bluff on the east.

Fresh investigation with contemporary technology is required as a priority to carefully distinguish the multitude of naturally incised rock surfaces from any that were humanly modified hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.

One means of concretely showing Aboriginal occupation and cultural activities maintained over thousands of generations on the Bluff includes stone artefacts.

These were routinely removed by collectors before disturbing Aboriginal sites became illegal in 1976. Many removed artefacts reside today in museum collections, including in Tiagarra.

Research is ongoing into the whereabouts of Aboriginal stone artefacts removed from the Bluff.

Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation

Through targeted  initiatives, programs and partnerships, Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation  aims to build community capacity, develop opportunity and improve overall wellbeing. 

panatana milaythina

panatana milaythina is a valued natural heritage and cultural site, teeming with diverse flora and fauna. It offers a serene sanctuary for Aboriginal connection to country and immersive cultural experiences.