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Tiagarra’s grounds and buildings sit across both Council and Crown land, and the purpose built Cultural Centre/Museum buildings have been leased to the Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation (SRAC) and its progenitor, the Mersey Leven Aboriginal Corporation (MLAC) since  the mid 1990s. Prior to this the Council funded the Centre’s construction (1975 – 76 ) and operations.

Since its handover to the Aboriginal community TIAGARRA has not been able to permanently maintain daily opening hours (seven day week opening hours were an unfeasible lease requirement by Devonport City Council) nor ongoing independent financial viability, hence a  situation by 2015, when Devonport City Council rescinded the lease from SRAC, and held the keys.

Following Tiagarra’s lease from Devonport City Council not being renewed with the Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation a TIAGARRA ‘special interest’ group was formed by Devonport City Council towards cooperatively working out a new structure for Tiagarra’s viable operations, and scheduling the well overdue interpretive and structural updates to the facility.

This group included Council members and Aboriginal people, including Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation members, who registered their commitment to  Tiagarra’s continuation, as well as (strangely) people with alternative tourism plans for the Bluff. The priority for the Aboriginal members of this group was to seek solutions for Tiagarra’s sustainable Aboriginal operations on Mersey Bluff, that would include updating Tiagarra’s interior and interpretation and outdoor cultural walk.  Unfortunately, but unsurpisingly, those meetings stalled.

But, after much stress, a best outcome ensued, in which the building is now owned by the Aboriginal community, keys were returned, and specific Aboriginal cultural project funding is  finally able to be sought by the community for Tiagarra to reach its long overdue potential.


Bring your skills, including locating examples of Cultural Centre funding models, structures, successfully staged refurbishments, and alliances with local groups/councils, and especially with other Aboriginal Cultural Centres, .

Please show your support here via the CONTACT page for Tiagarra’s refurbishment under the management of the Aboriginal community, and on the FACEBOOK page: Tiagarra Mersey Bluff, and also contact Devonport City Council to demonstrate your support for Tasmanian Aboriginal people and culture, and Tiagarra’s upgrade.