Aquatic centre to cost council $1.41 million

Advocate, SEAN FORD, p.11 – 21 June 2014

DEVONPORT’S revamped Splash aquatic centre is expected to cost the city council $1.41 million in 2014-15.
It will be the biggest of a string of major “cost centres” for a council that has still managed to produce a budget with a zero rates rise.
The Devonport Entertainment and Convention Centre will be another major cost, and is budgeted to lose more than $948,000.
That is up from a budgeted loss of nearly $838,000 for the current financial year.
The centre’s income is projected to be just $201,500.
The Bass Strait Maritime Centre is expected to burn through more than $529,000, with income of just $120,000.
The Devonport Regional Gallery is budgeted to lose nearly $503,000.
The performance of the Devonport Recreation Centre is expected to improve significantly, but it is still budgeted to lose $333,000 (down from a budgeted $413,000 loss for 2013-14).
The East Devonport Recreation Centre is expected to lose nearly $238,000 and the visitor information centre $452,000.
Its budgeted income falls from $125,000 to $90,000.
Maintenance of the mothballed Tiagarra Aboriginal tourist attraction is budgeted to cost more than $15,000.
The Julie Burgess vessel is expected to lose nearly $67,000 and historic Home Hill nearly $112,000.
The council is budgeting for a $927,000 surplus from parking (income of $2.47 million and expenses of $1.55 million).
The figures above are all budgeted net operating results.