Embark on – cultural tour

Advocate, KYE WHITE, p.2 – 24 Jan 2013

KAREN Smart is hoping to give individuals the chance to taste some real bush tucker this Sunday.
Ms Smart is taking a walking tour, as part of the Devonport Regional Art Gallery’s Tidal.12 exhibition, through the Mersey Bluff looking at the cultural and natural history of the area.
”It will be a walk around the bluff area, up around Tiagarra, and I’ll be showing people the bush food up there,” Ms Smart said.
”I’m hoping that there will be (food around), because it is the season for a particular food that is up there, so I’m hoping that there is still some around.
”So hopefully they can have a feed as we go around.”
The walking tour is an opportunity for both visitors and locals to learn more about bush tucker, local weaving grasses, and the Aboriginal history of the area and connect with the beautiful surrounds of the Mersey Bluff.
Suitable for all ages, Ms Smart encourages those who go along to take a sketchbook and pencils to make some quick drawings and notes.
The tour gets under way at 10am on Sunday at the sound shell. Cost is $5 for individuals and $10 for families. It finishes with a morning tea at noon at the Bluff, which will mark the conclusion of the Tidal.12 exhibition and public programs for 2012-13.