Keeping Culture – Aboriginal Tasmania

Book launch at Tiagarra – Editor Amanda Reynolds, National Museum of Australia, July 2006.
Left to right: Amanda Reynolds, Auntie Phyllis Pitchford, Julie Gough, Greg Lehman

Book contents:

  • Mutton-birding at Little Dog /​ Karen Brown
  • A poem, a photo and a postcard /​ Amanda Jane Reynolds
  • Being collected and keeping it real /​ Julie Gough
  • Healing the past /​ Tony Brown
  • Being here: authenticity and presence in Tasmanian Aboriginal art /​ Greg Lehman
  • Maireener: Tasmanian Aboriginal shell necklaces /​ Lola Greeno
  • ‘Our tally’: a day’s birdin’ through the eyes of a child /​ Phyllis Pitchford
  • Songs /​ Cheryl Mundy
  • We fish for our families /​ Rodney Dillon
  • This is Manalargenna country: clan country of a first nation /​ Jim Everett
  • Reflections: creating an Aboriginal collection from Tasmania /​ Amanda Jane Reynolds
  • The Aboriginal collection from Tasmania 2003
  • My mother, the shell necklace maker /​ Karen Brown.