Advocate, P.24 – 24 Oct 2014

ONE top Devonport attraction remains closed and the future of another is in doubt.
For a city and a region which need all their attractions firing, it is not good enough.
The Tiagarra Aboriginal Centre has effectively been closed since 2012, and a reopening is not yet in sight.
The Devonport City Council was correct to end the Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation’s lease of the site. The site is too important to sit idle.
Coupled with the rock carvings at the Bluff, it can provide a fascinating couple of hours for visitors.
The eventual reopening will need Aboriginal involvement, but the council should not shy away from a mainstream private sector model with indigenous employees if that looks the best solution.
The future of the Imaginarium science centre seems more complex. Pandemonium wants more council funds to help run the Imaginarium. The council said no.
Any or all of the following – the Commonwealth, the tertiary education sector and forward-thinking private enterprise would be logical fits to get involved.